5 fun, kid-friendly places in Dubai

November 26, 2018

The best part about Dubai is that you can do so many amazing things as a family. One of the better havens for children, there are a host of things to do in Dubai that can keep your children occupied.

Old Dubai is home to the souks and Dubai museum. For those who prefer the quieter side and with less adrenaline-packed activities this would be a good idea. Here you immerse yourself in the culture and heritage of Dubai and get to visit the old town on the creek.

With a little bit of research, I have gathered some of the places that you must visit with your little mischievous little bunch.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
If you have older kids who would like to see the wildlife in Dubai, then I recommend this for you. At the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, you get to sample desert life.

Get ready for a camel trek experience. Sit atop the ship of the desert and view the dunes. You can get your children to watch the speed and natural instinct of the Falcons and also get them for close up photographs. The evening will be enchanting with a belly dancer in the background.

Definitely, don’t leave without driving over the sand dunes in a four-wheel truck.


Ski Dubai
Dubai is mostly known for its hot arid desert climate. However, at Ski Dubai, the climate is different though. It is a snow park with real snow. Known as the world’s second largest indoor ski resort, it features a mount that is 100 metres in height and 80 metres in width on two 400 metre long slopes.

Tobogganing, playing in the soft powdered snow, rolling down the snow-capped mountain in a huge plastic ball, tire spinning, play with snowballs, climbing towers and riding sleds, meeting the majestic emperor penguins and riding down the slopes on those doughnut shaped rubber rounds are just some of the interesting snow packed activities to look out for.

Dubai Dolphinarium
The Dubai Dolphinarium guarantees a complete family experience. Here you can excite your kids by meeting up with the friendliest sea animals like the bottlenose dolphins and fur seals.

You can see 20 different bird species from around the world including cockatoos from Australia and macaws from South America. You can see the dolphins and seals dance, juggle, paint, play basketball and you get a chance to swim with a dolphin as well. If you are looking for that relaxed and fun experience then this is the place to be.

Explore the Middle East and Europe’s no.1 water park. Adjacent to the Atlantis, the Palm, your little ones will delight in the Splashers Children’s play area where you have a maze of kid-friendly tunnels, rope bridges and climbing frames. Overflowing in 17 hectares of adrenaline pumping fun, there are plenty of activities awaiting all age groups. Basically, the two major towers here are the ‘Tower of Poseidon’ and the ‘Tower of Neptune’.

A basic mandate here is that the individual should be at least 1.2 metres tall to be admitted to the towers and their rides.

The Mattel Play Town
One of the most popular spots at the ‘Citywalk’ is the indoor playground – the Mattel Play town. It is built on the concept of stimulating children’s imagination and fantasies.

Mostly themed around popular children characters like Barney the dinosaur, Bob the builder, Thomas and friends, Angelina Ballerina and Fireman Sam, it is a magical, safe and interactive indoor edu-play space for children.

Your kids are definitely in for a treat if you are planning to stay for a Dubai vacation. I am sure you would agree with me that Dubai is the best ever family holiday destination.

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